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🚀 Thrilled by the energy at DeveloperWeek! Big thanks to everyone who’s already swung by Booth 406 🍪 From deep dives with community legends to warm welcomes to potential partners and new community members - every conversation was a highlight!

Shout out to @erica for giving a fantastic talk about how to navigate the designer-to-dev relationship when working on a project together. ✨✨✨✨🙌🏻

Happy Birthday @umbraco, as it's been 19 years since the first release of the open sourced CMS. YouTube also turned 19 just yesterday, so to celebrate I'm combining the two, with a video going right back to 2005 and taking a look at just how easy it is to get the new Umbraco 2 CMS up and running!

With thanks to @lee for his archive, Bridget Jones, Microsoft and of course everyone who's contributed to Umbraco over the past 19 years. Here's to many more!


🥳 Today, we’re celebrating 19 years of as 🎉!

A journey of strong community, talented partners, and dedicated employees . Let's celebrate with cake 🎂

Or perhaps you want to share your favorite Umbraco memory or put on your best Umbraco tee? 😃

@umbraco Thank you so much for asking me to contribute! xxx

to @KevinJump for allowing the community swag store to use the official artwork for "uSync all the things".

Now available on :


We are honored to announce that was named finalist and “Highly Commended” for the ‘Best Value Chain Initiative’ award at the CRN Sustainability in Tech Awards 2024 🏆Big to the Umbraco Sustainability Team 🙌

There are a lot of TODOs in the current backoffice preview, and Thursday 30th May feels very close…

Finally, we owe @KevinJump a MASSIVE for paving the way for the rest of us and figuring this out, and putting the info out there for us. Thank you Kevin!

Eventful day! Upgraded an Cloud site from 9.0.1 to 13.1. Ran into a weird migrations loop issue after the v10 to v13 deploy. Big to Oskar from support for getting our site back up and sorting the errors.

Always remember if someone in the community does something that really helps you out, you can use the hashtag to give thanks. This was an important Public Service Announcement! umbracoheart

@greystate Thanks - that worked perfectly.

As of this evening, rickbutterfield.dev is completely powered by Umbraco Cloud on v13 using the Delivery API! Since November I've been plugging away at it in my spare time and finally got it working this evening, with Astro on the front end and @umbraco as the API! 🚀

The Delivery API Extensions package by @lauraneto has been super useful in helping me get up and running as well, with the Swagger JSON turned into a TypeScript client with `openapi-generator-cli` umbracocommunity.social/@laura