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Congratulations to Jen Wolke, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Jen has jumped right into being an Umbracian, from attending and speaking at as many events as possible to writing and sharing her knowledge with her fellow developers.

Her open, positive attitude to collaboration, discussion, and helping others is so great to see.

, Jen! 🙌

Congratulations to @jsw, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Jason, while not an developer, has joined our community with a warm, open-hearted attitude, sharing their knowledge and insights through speaking at events, advocating for our community and providing our DE&I team with invaluable advice, for which we are thankful.

, Jason! 🙌

Congratulations to @protherj, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Jason has been a strong presence in the Community, spearheading the usage of Umbraco in the US for many years.

His work in the CMS Community Team, alongside package development, sharing his knowledge with enthusiasm, all while supporting others to do the same, has helped shape the Community for the better.

, Jason!

Congratulations to @georgebidder, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

George is a wonderful member of the Core Collaborators Community Team, sharing her knowledge and insights to help improve the landscape of for the whole community.

Her dedication to local meetups and the organization of company events to promote Umbraco and Community engagement is wonderful to see.

, Georgina! 🙌

Congratulations to Dhanesh Kumar MJ, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Dhanesh has created a positive impact on the Community based in India, through his efforts in co-organizing the incredibly popular Umbraco Kerala Meetup.

His dedication to sharing knowledge through writing, video content, and teaching is wonderful to see.

, Dhanesh! 🙌

@joe oh, nice. I'll add a link to this on the blog.

Congratulations to @deanleigh, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Dean has been a stalwart of the Umbracoshere for many a year. He is always ready to help others and connect people, while also creating great solutions.

His positive attitude and friendly demeanor help create an open, collaborative space, which is vital for our wonderful community to thrive.

, Dean! 🙌

Congratulations to
@andy_boot, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Andy has been a dedicated Umbraco developer and practitioner over many years, championing our CMS wherever possible. His contributions are many and his enthusiasm is infectious, creating packages, helping others, and having an all-round great attitude.

, Andy! 🙌

Went pink to add some colour to my office.

Really nice set and will look great.

Thanks Dean and Warren

@steve_gibe @deanleigh @warrenbuckley

A big joy of there being multiple Umbraco devs within a small area round here is that it means you can see a sweatshirt in the wild even before breakfast!

Congratulations to @andrewm, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

He is an incredibly enthusiastic member of the Community, sharing his knowledge and helping others in many different ways - whether that be through code contributions or speaking at events.

, Andrew! 🙌

Congratulations to Amy Czuba, a new Umbraco ! 🏆

Amy has shown great dedication to Umbraco and the Community through educating and improving our processes when it comes to Sustainability. Her presence on the Sustainability Community Team has been invaluable.

, Amy!