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Umbraco is a hugely popular enterprise-level CMS and, as Umbraco Gold Partners, we couldn't agree more - but why?

We could wax lyrical about this topic for days 🤓 so instead, we discovered this article by Bluegrass Digital that looks at Umbraco's continuous rise to the top.

Give it a read here: bizcommunity.com/article/why-u

@stvnhrlnd It was a great talk! Really enjoyed it!

Another to @CodeBunTes for his PR to h5yr.com - You sir are amazing! Thanks for your continued work on this project!

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@stvnhrlnd oooft, imagine that was quite a day. But sounds like you did a great job!

We had an awesome evening at today's meetup!

A massive thank you to everyone who came, Method4 Ltd for hosting, and a huge to @jacksorjacksor and Rob Shaw for their brilliant talks!!

See you all at the next one!

Great first time @umbristol last night! Lovely to see some familiar faces too and have a catch up. @jacksorjacksor did a stellar job talking all things Astro, docs and how brilliant this community is with SO much energy, passion and humour. Plus it was great to hear @callumbwhyte talking blocks and the history of the grid again after hearing it in Newcastle!

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Thanks to everyone who came to the London Meetup last night. Some great conversations about v14, and excellent talks from @mattou07 and Callum Whyte. And to Novicell for being our wonderful hosts. ❤️

Last October, Method4's Lili Rossiter made her first-ever contribution with a pull request to 12.1. Here’s what she had to say…

, Lili!

@abjerner Going to do a follow up blog with all the suggestions I've had, could be useful for future.

A new blog just published - something that's probably obvious to many but still felt it was good to blog about.


Thanks @warrenbuckley

Heh, I only intended to look at it just to see how it functioned, not to actually do any production changes today. But the Sustainability Package umbracopackage immediately highlighted some Font Awesome files Page Insights hadn't that I realised I could massively cut down as I barely use 10 icons from FA. Updated subset CSS and Font files already pushed live for another ~100-150k shaved off those page size downloads! :D

to @rickbutterfield and @mozzydev for this!

Massive to @CodeBunTes for his work on the h5yr.com site! Thanks for the PRs! It's a massive help!