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Just released Full Text Search for Umbraco version 4 beta today, include automatic startup, config from appsettings (including schema - @kevinjump @CorneHoskam) - and two new languages! Aiming for a full release in a couple of weeks!

And - it works in Umbraco 13 :)


Good morning and happy Friday to you all!!

Call for Speakers for Day 2023 is still open on Sessionize and I've just submitted a session!

Big thanks to @hboelman, @poornimanayar and @callumbwhyte for organising this fantastic day-long community event.


I find all the Bit Raccoon (of Azure fame) stickers cute. But to have one where they appear to be doing a action too is just the icing on the cake!

Thus concludes today's important public service announcement.

@matt This fixed the issue - no connectionstring = errors when using a cloud project. Thanks for the pointer Matt

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@erica @CandidContribs @SkriftMag I listened to it last night and it is indeed a great episode!!
to the 7 of you for all the work you do for the community :h5yr: :umbracoheart:

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@erica @CandidContribs @skriftmag Congratulations and huge on this big milestone !! 😁 🎉
Curious to see what the next 100 will bring !!

mike [Permalink]

@lssweatherhead @skriftmag @CandidContribs I felt the same way when I attended my first around 14 years ago; and here i am still 🤩
I loved your article, especially the part where you define the "Umbraco-nice". I agree 1000% !!

Thanks @mattbegent for the first pr to the community swag repo.

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@emaburst @skriftmag A great reflective article that I really enjoyed reading 😁

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It's there!!
@skriftmag 100th edition 🎉🎉

What a milestone!

Huge congratulations and to @erica @janae and
@cssquirrel for running this high quality magazine for 8 years already 🤩
And this 100th edition's articles are no exceptions 👍

👉 skrift.io/100

Looking forward to the next 100 ones 😁

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the wonderful team @skriftmag on your 100th Issue! 🎉

Thank you for the hard work that goes into finding and assisting writers to produce interesting and informative articles for the Community! !💜

Read the 100th Issue 🤓, featuring the whole
@CandidContribs gang, here: