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Last October, Method4's Lili Rossiter made her first-ever contribution with a pull request to 12.1. Here’s what she had to say…

, Lili!

@abjerner Going to do a follow up blog with all the suggestions I've had, could be useful for future.

A new blog just published - something that's probably obvious to many but still felt it was good to blog about.


Thanks @warrenbuckley

Heh, I only intended to look at it just to see how it functioned, not to actually do any production changes today. But the Sustainability Package umbracopackage immediately highlighted some Font Awesome files Page Insights hadn't that I realised I could massively cut down as I barely use 10 icons from FA. Updated subset CSS and Font files already pushed live for another ~100-150k shaved off those page size downloads! :D

to @rickbutterfield and @mozzydev for this!

Massive to @CodeBunTes for his work on the h5yr.com site! Thanks for the PRs! It's a massive help!

@matt that Vite config helps massively, good shout!

Happy 10th Pixel Birthday to our Umbraco Master Andy Boot! 🎈

Thank you for your jokes, Umbraco wizardry, hard work, helpful insights and knowledge of discount vouchers.

Enjoy your cookies! 🍪

Love this, Huw found our community and completely understood what we were about! #h5yr



@CodeBunTes And a big #h5yr on your contributions for that, fun!
I don't have these on my own server, but will a :umbracoheart: still work?

In recent weeks support for all the custom Umbraco Social Mastodon emojis (eg umbraco umbracopackage ) and the auto emoji css styling that appears on hashtags like has been added to the h5yr.com website, so toots on the site match how they're shown on the Mastodon site now.

Even more reason for you to h5yr those people who help you with anything now and share that thanks! umbracoheart

Tonight's "Hello World", written in Umbraco, rendered in Astro, is brought to you by:

- @rickbutterfield 's "Generating a TypeScript OpenAPI client from Umbraco's Content Delivery API" blog, which uses...

- @lauraneto 's "Delivery Api Extensions" package, alongside...

- @KevinJump 's v14 helper blogs, inc describing the "OpenAPI Typescript Codegen"

TY to all the above, !

Some interesting stuff going on with types being auto-defined everywhere.

Congratulations to the team behind @umbracospark, @gibe and their sponsors for yet another awesome innovation conference! 🥳⚡

And a big thank you to True Digital for hosting @sebastiaan, Lotte Pitcher, and all our hackathonees for a great Belissima-themed hack session!

All the hard work and dedication have paid off! ! 🎉